Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet May

May and I met at the first PME Professional course, we've since completed all 3 modules together. The most bubbly person one could ever come across, May called me this morning all concerned because I had not made an update on my blog in a while. How sweet was that, you tell me!

As I had told May, the reason was because most of the work I've been doing lately are repeats of previous work so there hasn't been anything new to feature. But time does fly past and now I do have new stuff to show.

Thanks for your call May, stay sweet and I know I can count on you for the most infectious laugh!

For Hida, the science student.

I didn't have much time to put any thought into this graduation butter almond cake. The only request was for lots of icing!

A Mummy, wife and lawyer... what a job!

Kinda obvious what this dude's interests are! *wink, wink*

Butterscotch mini cupcakes.

Banana and walnut cake for McCann's June birthdays.

An order from England. From Graham to his daughter who teaches at the Alice Smith school.