Sunday, December 31, 2006

Birthdays galore!

Happy birthday Aunty Savathiry... may you have many more to come!

I made a total of 7 recipes of the orange coconut cake on this day alone! I think people must like this cake!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I didn't like how this date, pumpkin and coconut cake turned out.

So I changed it to look like this

Thursday, December 21, 2006

More festive goodies


These cupcakes are orange and raisin with orange buttercream

Lemon cream cheese cake

Triple Chocolate - Dark, milk and choc chips

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas packages

Tripe chocolate slice

Before going off on my vacation, I was working on these festive packages. Had extra cookies to take to Bali too!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

On vacation

I'm in Bali at the moment. From here I see that I have some enquiries on my blog. I will get in touch/reply when I return. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Now I must return to my deck chair in the sun.....

Check out where I'm staying.... .... it's heavenly!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

So, what type of birthday cake would I get? An incredibly nice one, of course! I had a lovely dinner with my dear friends and received a bunch of presents! Have a look see below.... all girly stuff and baking stuff... I love them all!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Much ado about....

... baking pans and cookie cutters! I lost the base plate of my previous springform pan and now that I plan to make a cheesecake for Christmas, it was time to go look for a new one. Found this 2-in-1 pan and the 6 pc cookie cutter at Ikea. It's silly I know but I'm so thrilled!
It was the highlight to my otherwise uneventful week.

I had to try out the cookie cutters almost immediately. They're pretty large though. The heart shaped cookies in the picture are about the size of my palm... and that's the smaller sized one. It was hard to manage them large but I think I didn't get them too out of shape! I've not iced them yet, will post more pics after I do.

Btw, the cake you see in the background is a baked Lemon Cream Cheese cake. Happy 43rd birthday Rachel!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rachel's brothers turns 40

I just realised I didn't ask his name... my bad. Trust a big sister to organize a nice birthday cupcakes of carrot walnut topped with cream cheese and strawberries for the 'baby' brother. I wonder how it looked after all 40 candles were placed!

A little peek at the prep work...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

All sliced up and ready to be served

A nice hot cuppa tea and we're all set....

Butter hazelnut cake
Lemon cream cheese cake

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What the heck is that?

I thought I'd take a macro shot of the last cake I made. Just trying to do something different with my blog for a change *shrug*

It would otherwise be something as normal as this picture.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Souffle cups.... not so idiot proof

I made chocolate almond cupcakes for Alex's birthday using the souffle cups for the very first time. After a nice seafood dinner I explained my intention that I needed some feedback and hence a slightly different looking cupcake than the ones they were used to. Who else better to test on than friends, right? Wrong! Even after explaining and demonstrating that one just needs to pull at the pleat and the top cuff will unfold, no one seemed to have got it right. *sigh*

Stick to conventional fluted paper cupcake liners as most adults don't want to think too much after a long day at work. It's really not that difficult... honest!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seeing double?

My carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting seems to be a hit. The one I made on Raya day went all the way to Malacca for a taste. And from there I got an order for 2 today. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! Like I always say, 'eat cake and be merry!'

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Baby Hannah says thank you

I suppose she would if she could. Hannah's mommy & daddy gave this to the staff at the maternity ward in appreciation.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Busy Sunday

Iris had 64 cupcakes for her birthday. Spent most of the morning decorating these.

And then a last minute request for a cake by late afternoon. Rushed to produce this butter walnut cake.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy DeepaRaya

Another double celebration again this year. Which can mean only one thing... we eat and eat and eat! I wasn't flooded with orders for this festivities, just nicely occupied. Baked 3 types of cookies and a Carrot cake for Raya but silly me forgot to take pictures. Made the above cake (Coconut Orange) about 2 weeks ago for Shyamala, probably for a 'buka puasa' occasion.

The cakes below was for Bhavani to give away to family on Deepavali. The sugar icing laden ones are Pumpkin Date & Coconut, which brought Bhav & I to fame a few years ago (a personal joke only a few know of). Always brings up a load of comments and laughs everytime this subject is mentioned. Aaah.... those were the good 'ol days!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More eggless cakes

I do think Shyamala and family really enjoy my eggless cakes. I cannot thank them enough for their support.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sue turns 40!

Welcome to the fabulous 40's club Sue!

This is such a cool banner, I just had to show it! Great party too.

Boy, did she have her share of cake to eat! Bet you don't want to see another for a long, long time, huh?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jia Yi is 8

Her Mommy surprised her on the morning of her birthday with this cake. I hope she liked it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Double celebration

Around this time of the year we celebrate the birthdays of 2 of the most intelligent, beautiful and sexy women I know, Sue & Michelle. Always good food, fun and laughter when we get together, this time at our fave hangout Saffron. We had these chocolate hazelnut & apple cupcakes for dessert.

Then the girls got to take home these carrot cake with cream cheese frosting cupcakes.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An eggless affair

Made eggless double orange cupcakes and a walnut butter cake for Shyamala. Am anxiously waiting the verdict on this.

Update 4th Oct 2006 : Shyamala gave me the 2 thumbs-up! Here's what she had to say:-

Dear Ivy,
Thanks again for coming up with the scrumptious cakes at the last minute ( I know I always keep doing this to you..) Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but have been caught up with work and exams (mine as well as my son's !!)
The eggless cakes were a hit... even the kids whacked the eggless cupcakes.
The walnut cake went down very well with all... despite being eggless, the texture was soft and springy... (I usually find that eggless cakes tend to be dry and rather crumbly).
I personally preferred the earlier one you did (the carrot cake with, I think, the cream cheese topping) but this was good as well...
If you want to try another new eggless recipe will not mind getting it for the deepavali period...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Passionate Producers

Passion Pictures had a party for all the producers in town. I'm sure it was a blast! I heard my cake was a hit too. Thanks Karen... yew mah fren!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cupcakes for school

I made cupcakes for my neice's class party today. She said they finished so fast she didn't get a chance to taste one herself nor the lasagne one of her friends brought. I promised to make both for her. Aunties *sigh*.... are such softies.

One of the teachers asked for my cupcake recipe. Should I....? Naah... aunties should have some secrets!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Seconds anyone?

It seems Baldish and some of her girlfriends did not have enough orange n coconut cake. So I had to whip this up very quickly the very next day. It was one of those what I call 'buttercream unfriendly' days... to darn hot! These little frosting peaks took everything it had to stay perky!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Baldish turns 50

And you don't look a day older from the day we first met! Must be all that fresh Kg Tunku air!

Fab party.... loads of yummy food and of course, cake!