Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"No milk today...

... my love has gone away."

That's the line from a Hermans Hermits' song that keeps repeating in my head tonight as I try to compose this post. What I am trying to say is my laptop crashed and that's why I've not shown anything new. My latest works are safely stored in my digital camera for now. Did I say safe? Well, the camera did recently suffered a breakdown.

Anyhoo, I'm optimistic that all pictures of my works are recoverable together with the other important data. Failing which I have the last 200 pictures featured on Flickr and all can be seen if I go Pro. Meanwhile, I'll uncross my fingers only when necessary eg. when baking.

My thanks to Gibb for getting my digital camera fixed, my nephew for letting me use his shiny new MacBook while he was out of town and my brother for the loan of his desktop.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy belated 2009!

I've been lax with updates for want of something interesting to blog about.... until today. My last design (below) was met with this comment "Very Indian". We sometimes don't have to use many words to get our message across. My brother's reaction was, "Being one quarter Indian ourselves, what do you expect?" Bless his honest soul!

But seriously, I think India and Indians have the most vibrant colours imaginable... and almost enviable. Having half able to achieve that effect myself would be the highest compliment to me!

Being in this line, we're always looking for new colours. We may achieve the perfect shade today but may not get the same effect for the next batch. One lesson I've learned again and again..... always make MORE!

Some more colours below... enjoy!

A special shoutout to my friend C, in Canada who's not feeling too hot lately. Well d'uh... it's -25C there! Feel better dear!