Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I think the above picture is befitting for today. It was my last project before graduating from the PME Sugar paste course. The criteria was to feature 2 'bubble' figures and a sugar paste drape but otherwise Calvin (our instructor whom we teased mercilessly) said it was freestyle. Most went for the wedding theme and I must say the works that were produced were very impressive!

Besides Calvin, our very patient instructor, I also have to thank Suan, my partner in crime during the course. Also a fellow ex-advertising industry person, Suan was literally my strong man... sorry, strong person.... throughout the course. Thanks for all your help Suan, I hope we can do another course together.

I never got to taking it easy this month, I have loads more pictures to share. I'll feature them in my next blog entry. I just want to put my feet up for a couple of days and give my swollen ankles a rest.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A December to go slow

As much as I like to be kept busy, I think I owe it to myself to take it easy this month. Enjoy my birthday and leisurely prepare for Christmas with the family. I was already midway preparing for my Christmas 2008 toppers when a sudden change of date for the last PME sugarpaste class kinda threw everything outta whack. But I'm still taking orders until the 20th, afterwhich I will come back with some changes to my menu and a long overdue price revision, nothing drastic I promise!

My works for the last week:

Oreo Cookies and Chocolate cupcakes with a request for 5 little gumpaste piggys and to go easy on the icing.

Vanilla butter & chocolate mini cupcakes

I made 6 different cupcake flavours in 1 day and I for the life of me I cannot remember which is which except for the distinct chocolate ones. The others were Vanilla butter, butterscotch, double orange, marmalade and coconut orange. Luckily I labelled the boxes as I went along but I seriously doubt if any of the customer would have complained if they received the wrong order. How's that for being cock-sure?! *grins*

Oh, and for some of these I was asked to be generous with the icing. How I love to hear those magical words!