Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Please go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/d-cupcakes/ to view updates on my cake designs.

Please allow 3 days notice for regular orders and 7-14 days for special design or large orders. My advice is to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. All collection is from my home in Bangsar. A location map to collection venue will be provided upon confirmation of order.

I prefer to individualize cakes/cupcakes. Tell me briefly what you want/occasion/colour/ theme and I’ll come up with an idea/design and provide a quote. Call or email me for a no obligation price quotation.

• Prices quoted includes the frosting mentioned which best compliment the cake. You may ask for your preferred frosting flavour instead.
• Prices quoted are based on basic buttercream decoration. Any additional decorations, personalized or themed cakes will be priced accordingly. Please agree to and confirm final price before continuing with order.
• Fondant covered cakes/cupcakes are also available. Please write in for a price quote.
• Gift-wrapping (ie Christmas package) is also available for an additional charge. Please include this request when ordering.
Prices are also subject to change to current prices of ingredients.
• Please visit website/s (see top of 1st page) for regular updates.
• Do enquire for other flavours not mentioned here.

Butter cake with Vanilla buttercream
6” square (500gm) – RM35
8” square (1Kg) – RM60
8x14" (2Kg) – RM100

Moist chocolate cake with buttercream
6” square (600gm) – RM40
8” square (1Kg) – RM60
18x14” (2Kg) – RM100
(+ RM10 per 500gm cake for chocolate buttercream)

Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
8” square (1Kg) – RM75

Chocolate orange cake
6” square (700g)
RM45 with Vanilla buttercream
RM55 with Chocolate buttercream

Carrot, Orange & Sultana cake
7” square (800g)
RM60 with orange buttercream frosting
RM70 with cream cheese frosting

Carrot & Walnut cake
7” square (1Kg)
RM65 with orange buttercream frosting
RM75 with cream cheese frosting
8” square (1.5Kg)
RM90 with orange buttercream frosting
RM100 with cream cheese frosting

Double orange cake with orange buttercream
6” square (700g) – RM45
8” square (1.4Kg) – RM85

Coconut & orange cake with orange buttercream
7” square (800g) – RM45
8” square (1.2Kg) – RM65
9” square (1.6Kg) – RM85

Semolina (sugee) cake with vanilla/orange buttercream
8” square (1.5Kg) – RM75

Lemon OR Strawberry swirl cheesecake (no bake)
9” diameter (1.5Kg) – RM90

Hazelnut OR Walnut butter cake
7” square (800g)
RM50 Unfrosted
RM60 with Rich chocolate glaze

Lemon cream cheese cake dusted with sugar icing
7” square (700g) – RM50

Pumpkin, date & coconut cake dusted with sugar icing
8” square (1.5Kg) – RM75
Pumpkin, date & coconut cake dusted with sugar icing
8” square (1.5Kg) – RM75

8” square – RM60

Chocolate Fruitcake
9” diameter (1.5 Kg) – RM100


NZ said...

Do you do delivery?

Ivy said...


Unfortunately I do not make deliveries.