Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cakey-cakey for the DCruz family

That was how my dear friend Sue described her order when she emailed me. The cakes below were for one of their regular family get togethers, nearly 50 pax each time.

Vanilla butter cake. Sue's mum turns 70. Her cake incorporates all her interests: children, home, baking, reading, girl guides and sewing. After my royal icing course, I decided to include the recently learned smocking technique here.
Date & walnut cake. For Sue's sister and BIL's 16th anniversary. This is a new recipe shared by Beryl in England. I've not received feedback so I've no idea how this cake turned out but the 'greenies' theme made it fun to do!

Moist chocolate cake for the June babies. Here I played around with colourful glitter piping gel.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

PME Professional Diploma in Royal Icing

And so I've completed all 3 Modules offered by PME, UK. What's next? The Masters certificate is so tempting but let's wait and see. However, it does give me a sense of achievement to hold the 3 diplomas and Calvin's (our sifu) words ring out loud and clear, "You are now a Cake Artists, not home bakers anymore." Wow, that will take a while to sink in!

One thing for sure, I'm no longer intimidated by sugar paste (fondant), sugar flowers or royal icing... bring it on!