Friday, May 19, 2006

Mother's Day weekend

I was kept busy that weekend as you can see...

Molhi wanted a very simple delicious cake for her sweet mommy... Coconut Orange cake with Vanilla Buttecream topped with candied citrus peel.

A ten year old girl requested for Butter cake with
Chocolate Buttercream.... Happy Birthday Dhanya!

Assorted cookies to thank those for a job well done. I don't mind one myself!


Antigula said...

Wah, it all looks so good. But I don't take anything with processed sugar. Ada tak kek yang dibuat dengan madu?

Ivy said...

Antigula... I've not tried any recipe with a sugar substitute. It sounds tricky as with honey, there'll be too much liquid in the mixture.

I'll look it up though as I am at the moment looking into vegan recipes, eggless ones in particular