Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy DeepaRaya

Another double celebration again this year. Which can mean only one thing... we eat and eat and eat! I wasn't flooded with orders for this festivities, just nicely occupied. Baked 3 types of cookies and a Carrot cake for Raya but silly me forgot to take pictures. Made the above cake (Coconut Orange) about 2 weeks ago for Shyamala, probably for a 'buka puasa' occasion.

The cakes below was for Bhavani to give away to family on Deepavali. The sugar icing laden ones are Pumpkin Date & Coconut, which brought Bhav & I to fame a few years ago (a personal joke only a few know of). Always brings up a load of comments and laughs everytime this subject is mentioned. Aaah.... those were the good 'ol days!

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