Thursday, November 23, 2006

Much ado about....

... baking pans and cookie cutters! I lost the base plate of my previous springform pan and now that I plan to make a cheesecake for Christmas, it was time to go look for a new one. Found this 2-in-1 pan and the 6 pc cookie cutter at Ikea. It's silly I know but I'm so thrilled!
It was the highlight to my otherwise uneventful week.

I had to try out the cookie cutters almost immediately. They're pretty large though. The heart shaped cookies in the picture are about the size of my palm... and that's the smaller sized one. It was hard to manage them large but I think I didn't get them too out of shape! I've not iced them yet, will post more pics after I do.

Btw, the cake you see in the background is a baked Lemon Cream Cheese cake. Happy 43rd birthday Rachel!

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