Monday, January 08, 2007

Chocolate Fudge cake

Mum turned 77 on the 5th. The family were getting together on the 6th for a scrumptious chinese dinner. And I thought, "Hey, this my chance to try out a new cake recipe!" Since I'm still unhappy with my chocolate cakes, why not make a good old fashioned chocolate cake.

I concentrated so much on how the cake would eventually taste and stressing that the choc fudge frosting wouldn't withhold the afternoon heat, I didn't pay much attention to the decoration.

Mum, I made you 10 years younger (look at cake pic again)! How truly embarrassing! Being 77, my Mum really didn't noticed nor cared. Of course, the others has a good laugh at my expense!

On an up note... I got the 2 thumbs-up from all 8 grandchildren (ranging from 2-21 years old) on the cake! They were the only ones not too stuffed to have dessert.

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