Friday, March 23, 2007

Two birthdays and an anniversary

This is what kept me busy most of the past couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Can you make your cakes into "slices" - if so, how many slices would one cake be able to yield if it's for a party?

Also, love the cupcakes - may I ask where you get your boxes & cupcake holders (in the box) - they're so pretty and colour coordinated!


Ivy said...

Hi there... thanks for visiting my blog!

To answer your questions:-

Yes, the cakes can come pre-cut to whatever size you want. As to the the quantity it yields depends on the size of the cake. My cakes usually are from 6x6" to 10x10".

The cupcake holders I use are from Chang Thung in Taman Megah, PJ. And if you're refering to the coloured boxes I featured in my earlier posts, I personally made them with reinforced manila card. I've since stopped as it is too time consuming although I too like the pretty colours.

Ivy said...

Oh... and I wanted to show you a sample...

Is this what you meant?