Sunday, March 09, 2008

A week of changes

Malaysians woke to a new political era today. Are we expecting to see any quick changes?

Speaking of changes, that pretty sums up my past baking week. A few orders were canceled, a few new ones(not that I'm complaining) and some good news(keeping fingers crossed!)

Now, the trouble with a certain good friend of mine is, when she wants to eat cake she has to share. So her order ended up being one for herself, one for her nephew, one for her neighbour and one for her friend. We could do with more people like her around!
Pumpkin Date loaf cake

I am grateful I get to make many cakes for kids. Isn't it obvious I love playing with colours?!
Vanilla Butter cake topped with citrus flavoured buttercream.

A cake-on-a-budget. The good news is, they've increased the 'budget' per person. We'll get to see bigger cakes and an extended variety, hopefully soon!
Golden Caramel cake with Chocolate glace icing topped with white chocolate chips.

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