Sunday, April 20, 2008

For babes

I love colours and that's why I love making birthday cakes for babies and young kids. So far my designs have achieved my sole and rather wicked intentions... I want these kiddies to be terribly attracted with the myriad of colours and lunge for the cake! There is no written rule to how cake should be eaten, right??

There were 2 additional boxes of cupcakes on top of this main birthday cake. The combination of flavours were Vanilla butter, Chocoalte, Butter scotch and Mocha.

Babes of another kind. I was given the brief that the birthday person is a rather "cheeky fella". I just took it from there. I hope he enjoyed licking off all the cream cheese frosting from these Carrot cake cupcakes!


Shiryne said...

The cupcake was awesome! When we take the cupcake out, all the guests sound "WAH....!!!!"

I ordered total of 90 pieces, only six pieces left (coz i kept it for my best fried who cant attent the party) or else think all will be gone.

Thanks Ivy, for putting so much effort on my daughter 1st birthday's cake :)

Annabelle's Mom

Ivy said...

It was my pleasure Shiryne. Hope you took many pictures for Annabelle to remember.