Thursday, July 28, 2011

In stores now

My long awaited recipe book is out! Go look for it at book stores near you or order them from me (Just drop me a message on the comments section). You may also purchase them through Utusan Publishing online store,-kek-&-biskut/upd-cupcakes-by-ivy.html

I take this opportunity to thank Pn Fuzana from UPND for approaching me to do this book, Nora (designer) and Fairy Mahdzan (visit her at for taking the lovely shots of my cupcakes and for being such a joy to work with! Also, not forgetting all the folks that worked to put this book together.

I would appreciate feedback, comments or questions on the book or recipes. Thanks you all for your support and happy baking!

And now... a look at how it all came together...

Cupcakes everywhere!

Fairy at work.
Smile pretty!
The hero talent.

Proof stage. Some changes were made to the cover below before it went to print.


Fairy said...

Dear Ivy,

It was a pleasure working with you as well, you're such a darling! And what a wonderful baker you are, your cupcakes are delish! Move over, Wondermilk...!

Fairy Mahdzan

elenareviews said...

I love the cupcakes...and the photos!

Ivy said...

Thank you ladies. Nice to hear from you!