Tuesday, May 09, 2006


• Unless otherwise requested, all cupcakes are approx. 1”/2.5cm in height and 2”/5cm top diameter and packed loosely in standard cake box.
• Per box/order contains 16 cupcakes.
• 1 flavour per order, minimum order – 1 box.
A combination of flavours packed per box is possible for 2 or more different flavours.
• Prices quoted are based on basic buttercream decoration. Any additional decorations, personalized or themed cakes will be priced accordingly. Please agree to and confirm final design and price before continuing with order.
• Special arrangement can be catered to packing and boxing. Please include this request when requesting for a price quote.
• Prices are also subject to change according to current prices of ingredients.


All Time Favourites
Flavours: * Vanilla Butter * Chocolate * Butterscotch * Double Orange *Red Velvet*
Frosting: Vanilla/Citrus/Dark Chocolate/White Chocolate buttercream
Price: RM45 per box per flavour with buttercream
+RM10 for cream cheese/dark or white chocolate frosting

Other Favourites
Flavours: * Orange & Coconut * Orange & Raisin * Choc Peanut butter*
Frosting: Vanilla/Citrus/Choc buttercream/Cream cheese
Price: RM50 per box per flavour with buttercream
+RM10 for cream cheese/dark or white chocolate frosting

Decadent Favourites - 20 pcs per box/flavour
Oreo Cookie with crushed Oreo cookie buttercream frosting - RM60
Nutella cupcakes with buttercream frosting RM60
Baked Lemon cream cheese with lemon cream cheese frosting - RM65
Carrot & walnut with buttercream frosting RM65 * With cream cheese frosting - RM75
Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry flavoured buttercream frosting - RM70 (upon availability of fruit)

Mini cupcakes
Size: 0.8”/2cm in height and 1.2”/3cm top diameter.
Flavours: * Vanilla Butter * Chocolate * Butterscotch *
Frosting: Vanilla buttercream
Price: RM45 per box (36 pcs) per flavour
Note: Price quoted above is for basic frosting design & loosely packed mini cupcakes. Special requests/themes will be priced accordingly. However, designs are limited because of it’s size.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivy. I'm interested to order your cupcakes. If i were to order 50 pieces, various flavours and very simple icing decorations. How much do you charge? How can i get in touch with you?

Ivy said...

Hi Anonymous

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Post another comment with your contact number (I won't publish it) and I'll get in touch to work out the order.

Junita said...

hi..i would like to know where's your shop if i want to pick it up myself.Thanks:)

Ivy said...

Hi Junita

Collection is from my home in Bangsar. Write me again with your email address and I will send you the details.


Anonymous said...

hi..can I order cupcakes through phone or online? and is there a delivery service or do we have to pick it up ourselves?

Ivy said...

You can email me at aunty20022003@yahoo.com with your order. From there I will also provide you my contact number and a location map for collection from my place in Bangsar.

zareina said...

hi ivy. i would love to order your cupcakes.esp the oreo cookie cupcakes.i also would like to add up decorative design,frosting & etc.how much would it be?order of box of 30 i guess.can i get ur number?

Ivy said...


Email me at aunty20022003@yahoo.com where I can reply you directly to discuss further.


Geeta said...

Hi Ivy...

My nice is having her 4th Birthday party this Sunday at home...I tought of getting some fruit tars and cheese tarts.Do you also bake tarts?

Ivy said...

Hi Geeta

Sorry I don't make tarts, thanks for asking anyways!