Friday, September 22, 2006

Cupcakes for school

I made cupcakes for my neice's class party today. She said they finished so fast she didn't get a chance to taste one herself nor the lasagne one of her friends brought. I promised to make both for her. Aunties *sigh*.... are such softies.

One of the teachers asked for my cupcake recipe. Should I....? Naah... aunties should have some secrets!


Jo said...

Hi Ivy,
Ummm.... looks yummy! I can totally understand your predicament. I had my kids friends, their parents & teachers asking for my gingerbreadman (gbm) recipes. It was tough to say no. However, I would offer them a special discount for orders. At least this way, word can still spread round that I offer gbms. Since August I have had a few orders fulfilled. Slow but it's coming :) that's y I'm experimenting with cupcakes

btw, thks for ur response on the plastic inserts. Since Lantern Fest is round the corner, I go check it out if that's avail in Spore! As for your new venture... GO FOR IT Gal!! - Jo

kimmy! said...

i've never seen cupcakes finish so fast...thanks 4 makin them anyway!!eventhough i didnt even get one...*sobs*


Ivy said...

Hey toots, you've had more of my cupcakes than all your friends combined will ever!

I still owe you that lasagne tho...