Monday, September 04, 2006

My first online order

It was from Nini. She ordered all chocolate cupcakes for her friend's birthday. How sweet!

Nini, if all your friends are as young and slim as you are, you need to eat more cake girls!

Thanks Nini, hope you had fun last night and hoping to hear from you again.... and often!


Jo said...

Hi Ivy,
Great blog!Just like you, I've jus found myself out of a job but now finally have some time for baking, my hobby! I sometimes get orders for gingerbreadman ;) and now trying to experiment with cupcakes. I like the way you use the plastic inserts to keep the cupcakes in place, didn't know they can be easily gotten in KL. Where did you find them? I can't seem to find affordable ones in Singapore. Wld definitely appreciate your advice. Tks - Jo

Ivy said...

Hi Jo

Sorry to hear about your similar predicament. It's no fun is it not earning a fixed income every month? That's the only thing I miss.

Yes, those plastic inserts do help keep all the pretty frosting intact. I was making cardboard cutouts myself for this purpose until I came across them. They are mooncake holders and I've only seen them sold at one place, Chang Tung in PJ. Hope that helps.