Sunday, August 03, 2008

A week of many quotations and designs going to and fro... and only a few were realized *sigh* Nonetheless, it was a hectic week; the main concern was looking for a new and hardy cake mixer. Boy, are those things EXPENSIVE! I am now a proud owner of a Kenwood Patissier.

Yvonne said her daughter likes coconut, so a Coconut Orange cake it was. She also likes my Butterscotch cupcakes. I hope Mik likes the same!

This 'funny faces' design seems to be a favourite with the grown ups. I do enjoy making them. These were all Chocolate cupcakes.

Hazel is about the only one (thank God!) that will call in a panic and want cupcakes within the hour! Fortunately these Vanilla Butter (Hazel's most fave) cupcakes were eventually wanted for the next day. I still love that woman to death!

Sue wanted some Vanilla Butter cupcakes packed 8 pieces to a box.

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