Sunday, August 10, 2008

A week of mishaps

They say it happens in threes. I beg to differ... at last count it was 7. I'm not going into details lest I jinx myself further! Sabar, Ivy, sabar....

What you see below is less than half what I produced this week. The football jersey was the last picture I took before my camera went on the blink (that was mishap #3). Use my cell phone, did I hear someone say? Turn the phone to camera mode and it tells me "Busy, Try Again". Can someone explain that to me?!

So this will temporarily be my last post until I manage to beg, borrow or steal a digital camera.

Raunchy butterscotch cupcakes. Look closely and you might see some cellulite. Haha... I'm glad nothing or no one is perfect!

Chocolate cupcakes for a Liverpool FC fan.

Some chocolate Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes.

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Kingshuk said...

Wow!!! u r a gr8t cook