Sunday, November 23, 2008

So much to do and so little time

Wow... 2 weeks just zoomed past or has it been 3? I've been attending a sugar paste course and baking in between. Some people are asking about Christmas cakes already and I'm like "Christmas is here??" Sometimes I wished there was 3 of me, firstly so I don't have to explain what needs done, secondly 2 of us can stay home to bake while the other does all the running around and thirdly, we can take turns working sometimes up to 5am!

The weather lately... sigh... so buttercream unfriendly! I should be grateful that I don't work with fondant so much. Our beautiful sugarpaste designs all fell off the cake as soon as we brought them home... horrors.... a dreadful thought if it was really for a customer!

Anyways, enjoy the pics below!

Vanilla butter cake

Mini vanilla butter cupcakes

I didn't expect this order to turn out so Christmassy looking!

Johann celebrates being 1 month old. The 2. empty spots are to be filled with red eggs


Snooky doodle said...

wow what great cakes :)you re great

maverix said...

Oh yes, she is :)

Mikhail LOVED his race-track cake and so did everyone else.

The little cars were exquisite; we kept it in the freezer :)