Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I think the above picture is befitting for today. It was my last project before graduating from the PME Sugar paste course. The criteria was to feature 2 'bubble' figures and a sugar paste drape but otherwise Calvin (our instructor whom we teased mercilessly) said it was freestyle. Most went for the wedding theme and I must say the works that were produced were very impressive!

Besides Calvin, our very patient instructor, I also have to thank Suan, my partner in crime during the course. Also a fellow ex-advertising industry person, Suan was literally my strong man... sorry, strong person.... throughout the course. Thanks for all your help Suan, I hope we can do another course together.

I never got to taking it easy this month, I have loads more pictures to share. I'll feature them in my next blog entry. I just want to put my feet up for a couple of days and give my swollen ankles a rest.



Snooky doodle said...

This cake is awesome. Well done :)

mama~eeNa said...

wow!!u've completed ur pme sugarpaste. i ll b joining pme nxt wk at klana mall. how's d course?

Ivy said...

Eena, the course was very useful and informative for a novice like me. Looking at the work you've done, you'll breeze through effortlessly!

I'll be doing the sugar flower course in Feb at Pastry Pro.

Wiz said...

Hey, I remember this cake! and the person who laboriously did it and the instructor who we mercilessly teased! and the free flow of coffee at the back with cakes! What I don't want to remember is the swags and the ribbons and the hard marzipan.

Miss you Ivy!

Your back row neighbour

Ivy said...

Wiz sayang! Happy new year! Gosh I've been so busy, tak sempat update my blog. I'm doing the flowers course next month, you joining too?

Don't mention swags! *shivers*