Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy belated 2009!

I've been lax with updates for want of something interesting to blog about.... until today. My last design (below) was met with this comment "Very Indian". We sometimes don't have to use many words to get our message across. My brother's reaction was, "Being one quarter Indian ourselves, what do you expect?" Bless his honest soul!

But seriously, I think India and Indians have the most vibrant colours imaginable... and almost enviable. Having half able to achieve that effect myself would be the highest compliment to me!

Being in this line, we're always looking for new colours. We may achieve the perfect shade today but may not get the same effect for the next batch. One lesson I've learned again and again..... always make MORE!

Some more colours below... enjoy!

A special shoutout to my friend C, in Canada who's not feeling too hot lately. Well d'uh... it's -25C there! Feel better dear!


Snooky doodle said...

I love these colourful cupcakes. so nice! did you use fondant and dusting powder to make those rose toppers ?

wiz said...

Oh the vibrant colours Ivy, make you want to dance and sing those hindi songs clad in those beautiful Saris.


Ivy said...

Chalte, chalte.....!

*imagine saree billowing in the wind*

Wiz said...

Ivy manja intan payung, update la sayang oi!!!!!!! heeeeeeeee

Ivy said...

Wiz, cik adik.... my laptop crashed lah! Tengah using computer pinjam. Stay tuned....!