Saturday, June 06, 2009

PME Professional Diploma in Royal Icing

And so I've completed all 3 Modules offered by PME, UK. What's next? The Masters certificate is so tempting but let's wait and see. However, it does give me a sense of achievement to hold the 3 diplomas and Calvin's (our sifu) words ring out loud and clear, "You are now a Cake Artists, not home bakers anymore." Wow, that will take a while to sink in!

One thing for sure, I'm no longer intimidated by sugar paste (fondant), sugar flowers or royal icing... bring it on!


Snooky doodle said...

congratulations! wow that cakes are spectacular :)

Wiz said...

Ivy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jangan tinggal daku!!!!! I have only completed two courses shj. GAthering syillings from the floor now to complete another one he he he.

It looks mcm susah je Ivy, please tell me it's not, please please.

Ivy said...

Thanks Snooky... it was hard work!

My darling Wiz... I had to proceed while my legs were still holding me up! I did think of you all the time, does that count??

What can I say about this module? It isn't any easier or more difficult than the previous 2. If you're into meticulous piping, then you'll find this a breeze. Strong, steady hands and good eyes are an asset. Oh... and bring Panadol!