Sunday, November 29, 2009

If there's a will...

And there I was... stranded without a working oven and a cake mixer that decides every now and then to spin so fast that it spews its contents on my face and kitchen walls.... and all these orders to fill! What to do, what to do?? A frantic call to my brother and SIL and I get to borrow a table top microwave/convection oven and a hand held cake mixer.

Now, how do I bake 200 cupcakes in a borrowed oven that bakes only 1 dozen cupcakes at a time? Another frantic call.... to Mr Lim this time (he repaired both my TV's recently) and he comes the very next day as promised. It's the heating element, he says and goes in search of the part. After scouting the 4 corners of Klang Valley, he gets my oven working 2 days later, just 24 hours before the marathon baking.

The day before, I went to my fave cake supply shop and while lamenting my woes, I was offered to used their facilities there, I'd just have to bring my own ingredients. Karen, you're so sweet, maybe one day I will take you up on that offer!

The cake and cupcake display stand I made for this order.

I've been making Mikhail's cakes since he was a year old. I wonder what he will be fascinated with next year or what interesting cake idea his Mummy will have.

Sue and Sharil got engaged!

Just some of the 200 cupcakes ordered for the children in an orphanage.

Butter and chocolate marble cake with an edible frosting image.


natalie said...

wow really nice cakes

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Hey great blog really enjoyed what ive read :) Hope you get to check mine sometime

Ivy said...

thanks Natalie