Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The one word that upsets me... unreliable. It comes in many shapes and forms. In this case it's my Kenwood mixer. Just over a year old, it has broken down once and currently it's playing tricks on me again. Notice how the major faults happen after the warranty expires! Nothing's a keeper anymore.

A 10" 3kg semolina cake.

No, the keys to this beauty wasn't hidden in the cake!

A small indication that the birthday person is a golf fan.


wiz said...

Dearest Ivy,

Truth be told, I only buy the XYZ brands now. If it is broken then I wouldn't feel that bad of sending them to the dumpsters. Seriously, I have had my shares of owning expensive tools but in the end it lasted as long as the cikai ones. Sian you.

On a different note, I have yet to attempt the semolina cake. Will give you feedback once I have done so k.

Ivy said...

Wiz dear

I have a XYZ brand graveyard at the back of my house. I think pretty soon a few more other brands will be joining it. The day you left me this post was also the day my oven decided to give up *sigh, sigh, sigh*