Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bad buttercream day

Most bakers would know what I mean. This one went especially wrong for me. First I used I used the wrong size baking pan. When making the orange buttercream I knew something was not right; it was too 'runny'. No amount of added icing sugar helped. I blamed the humid weather. Then I trimmed the sides because I wanted more space to decorate. That was a BIG mistake! I couldn't crumb coat properly as the frosting was pulling away cake.

Kids like their cake colourful but I did not dare mess with the buttercream anymore. I read that a sign of a good baker is knowing how to make the best of a bad situation and this was all I could do under the circumstance and the short notice. At least I know for sure it tasted good as I had the cut sides for tea! Happy 3rd birthday Priyanka Saira. Hope you and all at home enjoyed the Chocolate Orange cake.


jenjen said...

Despite your bad buttercream day, your cake still looks amazing.
I have just discovered your site and you are my new hero!!!! Your cakes are amazing and I have a weakness for cupcakes and yours are just so adorable.
Great blog!

Ivy said...

Thanks jenjen. I'm far from anyone's hero yet... but I sure could do with all the encouragement!