Friday, June 02, 2006

I love white

White is so clean, fresh and pure... it goes with just about anything. And as you can see, I like to keep my frostings white. Eventually when I learn to make buttercream roses, should I keep them white too? I think maybe not.. then again I might be starting something new!

Carol, how was the choc orange cake? I can do it with white frosting too if you like! Something to think about (psst... cheaper too!)

Rachel's mom's 71st birthday cake.

Vani, I did spell your name with a 'V' .... although it looked like a 'Y'. Hope you had a swell birthday albeit a belated one!


ell said...

ello..i need to have acupcakes for my frens birthday on wednesday next week....n i need it ih varies typer of taste.but i need in 33 cupcakes.its for how much i need to spent on it.if the price is affordable..i want to order it...but how?

Ivy said...


email me again with your return email address and i will send you my menu/price list and we can go from there, k?