Thursday, June 29, 2006

Vegan cupcakes... almost

Sue wanted to give her neighbours something to apologise for the racket her little house renovation was making... she's so sweet. Hmmmm... what better gift than a box of D'Cupcakes! But, but, one of the neighbours are vegetarians! How-lah?

Like I read on Post Punk Kitchen's blog, "Replacing eggs is the most challenging aspects of vegan baking. Those suckers bind, they leaven and they give structure to our baked goods. However, like a bad boyfriend, they
can be replaced, and with pleasing results."

Almost vegan cupcakes... I used vegetable margarine, soy milk but I couldn't find soy yogurt so I used sour cream, that's why it's 'almost vegan'. Didn't taste too bad, I must say.

These are the 'normal' cupcakes that went to the other neighbours.

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